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A visit from one of our girls can help relax and rejuvenate you. Step in and transport yourself to a more relaxing state of mind and body. You don’t have to join a spa to enjoy the benefits of one – just call me instead. I can offer you the relaxing massage services of any spa, plus much more.

As a trained massage therapist, I have experience with many of the most popular massage types, including Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, sports massage, and foot massage. The type of massage that’s best for you depends on your needs and whether or not you would like to stay clothed.

If you’re interested in a mild massage, my Swedish massage might be ideal for you. Swedish massage involves gentle stroking and soft kneading motions, often in combination with special massage lotions and oils.

Deep-tissue massages are excellent for alleviating muscle tension and pain. They are more intense than other massage types and may cause some soreness afterwards. Deep-tissue massage can help with posture problems and chronic strain. If you still want deep-tension relief but are looking for something less intense, I can offer a lifestream massage, which is a combination massage involving Swedish massage and milder deep-tissue techniques.

Sports massages are intended to help prevent sports injuries. However, sports massages aren’t just for athletes; any moderately active person can benefit greatly from a sports massage. A sports massage can also increase your flexibility and improve your performance.

Using the principles of reflexology, a foot massage can help more than just your feet. Certain pressure points can alleviate tension elsewhere in your body, although, of course, foot massages are particularly helpful if you spend a significant amount of time on your feet every day.

Call for a massage or stay for more, we can also handle your adult entertainment and escorting needs. We are a referral service. The girls are independent contractors and all services are negotiable with them upon arrival.